Your energy is everything. 

The thoughts we think and the actions we take every single day of our lives are filled with subtle energy. Begin to notice how your feet connect to the earth, the speed of the beat of your heart, a breath of fresh air, butterflies in your stomach, a warm touch, a gut feeling, a chill... This subtle energy shapes how we experience life. Pay attention, and it will show how you feel, both physically and emotionally. Pay attention and it will uncover your truth. And the thing about your truth...

Discover your truth, and it will lead you to your happiness. 

We can all agree that it feels pretty great to feel happy. Like that feeling when you crush a goal, land a job, launch a company, find your favorite person, or dive into the ocean, but what about the moments in between the big accomplishments, the celebrations, and the vacations? What about when you walk down the sidewalk or drive to work? Or when you are in line for coffee, waiting at the airport, buying groceries? How about every night when your head hits the pillow? How do you feel in those moments? Because those are the moments that matter, the ones that set your foundation, the ones that can bring you balance.  

Living in Balance is...  


A life of less fear and more love. Less reaction and more action. Less mundane and more magic.

I've done a lot of work to get to this place myself. Before I found the benefits of yoga and before I found the support of coaching, before I told my story and before I found my truth, I was unhappy. I spent weeks, months, and years searching, sobbing, planning, pining, waiting, and writing. I spent the entirety of my twenties navigating change, loss, and trauma. Lofty goals have been reached, while plenty others have crashed and burned. I've faced fear and chosen love. I've reinvented myself and I've rerouted my career. I've dated the wrong men and married the right one. I've destroyed and I’ve created. I've learned to live in my truth. 

And now I’m here, and on the most average of days I’m feeling really good when I walk down the sidewalk. Sometimes, I'm with my husband and our Golden Retriever. Sometimes it’s just me and a hot coffee. Sometimes it's pouring and I've forgotten my umbrella, so I stand in the rain. I've learned that my own energy and the way I engage with my surroundings only enhances the way I choose to embrace the balance of life. 

This is living in balance.

I want this experience for you, too. I want you to find your truth. I want you to live and love life. I want you to be happy on most all the days. I want you to experience your Fortune. 

Much love,



"Live in the sunshine. Swim in the sea. Drink the wild air."



-Ralph Waldo Emerson

photography by: Nicole Lockerman


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