Hi. I’m Janna.

You will soon discover that two of my favorite things are words and yoga, and you’ve landed right here where I work with words. Looking for the yoga? Either bop on over to my yoga story or head straight to Inhale Pittsburgh, which is my yoga studio in Pittsburgh, PA.

Searching for support for your book or your writing? Well then, you have landed in the right place, and, hopefully, I can help you. I’ve written two books, and since worked with first-time authors and best-selling authors on their books. I do not believe that there is one way to write a book or publish a book. I do believe that we can collaborate and find what works best for you, your book, and your intended audience. My services include everything from structural and developmental editing to helping you create your book proposal, along with a list of some other things you will find here on my website.

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“Will I write another book?” It’s a question I get a lot, so here’s my answer. I have a couple of ideas swimming around in my head. But I do know that when I write it, I will most certainly have a book editor.

"My aim is to put down on paper what I see and what I feel in the best and simplest way."

- Ernest Hemingway

I'm not going to lie. I heart Instagram.I’m @jannacabana.

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