6-month Book Writing Program

It’s time to write your first draft.

So are you ready to stop struggling, thinking, planning and planning again on how to begin your book? Your head might be stuck in the land of doubt, or you’ve polished your proposal (maybe even sold your book idea!) and now it’s time to sit down and write the book, or maybe you have no idea where or how to begin.

Whatever your reason, my 6-month program will not only give you the tools to write your first draft, but it will also address some of the challenges that first-time authors often grapple with:

  • Structure: The work we will do to get to know your book and its message and to craft your working outline will create the structure that you will see in your final pages. Writing tools? Yes, we’ve got that covered, too.

  • Support: There is no need to go at this alone. You’ll have me (your editor) and fellow writers to share this journey with each month.

  • Deadlines: You’ve just got your first. The program begins September 6th. Trust me, sign up and we can get a lot done by next spring.

  • Confidence: Once you’ve completed the six months, you’ll be able to look yourself in the mirror and call yourself not only a “writer,” but an “author.” And, yes, you’ll do this without your skin crawling or feeling like you’re gonna puke. Hey, I’m familiar with the feelings.

program details

With my support as your editor and the support of other writers—of all genres—you will receive encouragement, resources, and accountability to move your book forward and bring your words into the world. As well as:

  • 3 30-minute 1:1 sessions

  • 6 60-minute group discussions

  • 6 personalized Wrap Up Sheets

  • structural, developmental & content editing services (see below) for up to 4 chapters each month

  • support to work through the ups and downs of the process of writing a book

  • writing and publishing resources (as needed)


September 6th 2019 → March 2nd 2020
Sign up below if you are interested, as there are only 10 spaces for soon-to-be authors available.


Month 1: Get organized, get to know your book, create a plan, and begin writing.
Whether you have pages and pages, a few sentences strung together, or zero words written, we will define your book’s subject and core message, get clear on the structure or narrative, and choose major and minor themes to be represented throughout. In this first month, you will choose your pace deliverable content (number of pages or chapters) and we will create a “working outline,” which means this outline will shape and shift along the way. Month 1, and we’re just getting started (includes one 1:1 session + one group discussion + one Wrap Up Sheet).

Months 2-5: Get ready to move your book forward, stay the course, and work through those blocks to progress and process. During our group sessions, we will the explore systems and structures and the tools and techniques that support your life as a writer. We will discuss anything from the writing process to the importance of building a social media platform to how to improve your craft and technique. And when those “stuck” and “why the heck am I doing this?” feelings surface, we’ll work through those, too. Together. Each month you will be encouraged to share your work and asked to deliver agreed content (includes one 1:1 session in month 3 + four group discussions + four Wrap Up Sheets).

Month 6: Get ready to wrap up and to celebrate how far everyone has come. At the end of our six months, we might be determining the pages you have left to write or making a plan for your next draft. In truth, I cannot guarantee that you will have a complete manuscript. It is highly possible, but remember that this process of becoming an author is different for everyone. There is no pace that is wrong or right, good or bad. Time, commitment, inspiration, and devotion all play big roles. But I will guarantee that you will be well on your way to publishing your book and have a good group of folks to cheer your on. Month 6, and look how far you’ve come (includes one 1:1 session + one group discussion + one Wrap Up Sheet).


After 6 months you will:

  • have a plan for your book

  • understand your writing habits and process

  • feel comfortable with your tone and style

  • know how to navigate writer’s blocks

  • have a group of supportive humans doing the same thing—writing a book!

And if you believe in your book, together we will make it come true. 


  • $100 | deposit

  • $550 | monthly

  • $3,000 | upfront

All payments made through Square. Option to transfer money through Venmo or pay by check available upon request.

The proof is in the publishing.  

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