108 Words on Water

The planet is mostly blue, and our insides are abundantly liquid. We humans hydrate with it, farm with it, sail on it, bottled it, pollute it, and flavor it to our liking. But the solvent of life is running low. Can appreciation be the answer to conservation? Every month, my husband and I drive north to my hometown where this is a spring that the locals swear, “has the best water on earth.” We fill up our big jugs, load them into our little Golf, and get our bottle-free, pollutant-free drinking supply for the month.

 the natural spring in Mercer, PA

the natural spring in Mercer, PA


Water is also one excellent way to begin each day.



108 Words on Miscarriage

First, second, third…. trimester… lost pregnancy. They come with numbers, and those of us that can relate can assign. Numbers, stats, Google. Doctors and re-directed plans. Then comes your mom or someone’s best friend, anyone to melt your frozen heart. And life just moves on while you do your best to not drown in the why. Unfair. Exhausting. Delete the baby app—again. Is it you? Us? It? Or as simple as a life not interested in living, a human who didn’t want to grow—fully or at all—in me?

 a carnelian heart

a carnelian heart


“Give it an androgynous name,” my mom said after my second in the first.

So I did.

108 Words on Sage

Smudging. I would fake that I knew what that word meant, thinking “smudging” meant you had to poke something with smoldering sage to leave black marks. I never did that, by the way. Turns out, the wafting smoke is the smudge. Why smudge? White sage is a little evergreen plant that cleanses the low vibes and moves the stuck energies. Burning a bundle creates a smoke that clings to the negative energies (of the space, object, being) and transforms them into universal, neutral energies. Energetic purification.   

 bundle of white sage; my howlite & crystal quartz wedding mala; malachite; H2O

bundle of white sage; my howlite & crystal quartz wedding mala; malachite; H2O

things I’ve smudged:

our very old house
my yoga studio – a lot
tarot cards
crystals and malas
a friend or two

108 Words on Ritual

A new year, and the world is abundant with resolutions and change. Check back in February, and enthusiasm is lackluster. To resolve to make a change is not easy. It takes structure and connection, so shift your resolution to ritual. Ritual, not to be confused with a religious act or lengthy ceremony, but a daily or weekly routine that you can connect to through feeling.

  beautiful planner:  Native Bear  | really nice pen:  Le Pen

beautiful planner: Native Bear | really nice pen: Le Pen

What do you want to change?

Be more organized? Sit down one day a week with a beautiful planner.
Make more money? Brew delicious coffee and plug in your numbers—weekly.
Get fit? Set out (or pack) your workout clothes the night before.