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Hourly Editing Services
Developmental editing services to write or work through your lst draft or to refine the content and style of your 2nd draft.

Even the greatest authors depend on editors. Hiring an editor gives you a chance to step away from your work, invite a dedicated reader to your words, receive an objective and experience-based opinion, and have someone around who will never get sick of talking about your book. Even so, some writers en route to becoming authors will want to skip this crucial step or ship their manuscript off to an editing service. I say don't do either. Instead, find a human who cares as much about your book, your project, or your blog staying authentic and reaching its audience as you do. Then, ask them to join you on the ride.

I would be happy to be that human. I have talents and experience as a developmental editor (working with the big picture, bringing the book from an idea to a narrative or message) and as a structural editor (working with the content, language, dialogue, flow, style, tone, and voice). Often times, the authors I work with receive a mixture of both, based on the needs of their project. These are details that we can discuss before working together.

In full transparency, I must say that I am not here to be the final polish on your grammar or to triple-check your spelling. Though I do have opinions on grammar (em-dash and oxford comma for life) and knowledge of the rules (The Elements of Style: Strunk & White is my go-to) this final stage of editing is for an experienced copyeditor or proofreader. I know a handful of excellent copyeditors that I can recommend. Let me know if you’re in search of one.

And just in case you were wondering, I have had editors for both of my books, brilliant women who have helped me shape my message, enhance my story, point out what I would have otherwise missed, and (gah!) kill my darlings.

If you are interested in Hourly Editing Services, please send me an email by clicking below. From there we can discuss your project, our compatibility, and my availability. 

manuscript critique services

So you’ve got some words - a lot of words - on paper and you’d like a professional critique?

A full or partial Manuscript Critique might be just right for you. This is much more than a read-through, but an in-depth analysis of your work. I will read your full or partial manuscript and compile a minimum of 6 pages of feedback on structure, narrative, style, development, theme, voice, word usage, and all things that make for an engaging and well-written good book.

In addition to editorial feedback, I will offer you suggestions and recommendations that will strengthen your writing, bring out your talent in your work, and give you an idea of what comes next to move your book forward and into the hands of readers.

My previous work includes the genres of: fiction, non-fiction, memoir, self-help, and illustrated guidebooks. If you know that you’re ready to share your words, please find my rates below and fill out the form that will start the process. Once I receive your work, you’ll have your Manuscript Critique back in your hands (your inbox!) in no later than three weeks time. And don’t worry if you are working with something “unfinished” or are getting “stuck” on something in your writing - that is what critiques can help you navigate!

partial critique

incomplete manuscript
(or less than 40,000 words)
6-10 page feedback

beginning at: $500

full critique

complete manuscript
(or greater than 40,000 words)
8-12 page feedback

beginning at $900

Rush services (under 10 days) are subject to higher fees.

book proposal services

So you’re ready to get this book out into the world already. Pitch, sell, share… call it what you will and know that a book proposal is surely part of the process.

Together we will develop a marketable book concept (a book proposal) that illuminates your book, your voice, and your mission of getting your message or story into the world. As much as I’d like to tell you that this will be a breeze—just share a bit of you and your book, and viola—the truth is a well-written book proposal takes time and effort. In fact, the same level of care and concern you give your book goes into this document that can be anywhere from 10 to 100 pages.

But rather than be intimated by the length and the seriousness of the document, we’ll break down what you will need to share section by section, specific to your book, its needs, and what you are able to deliver. We will work together using a format that has proved itself successful for authors of all genres in answering the big questions literary agents and publishers have authors and their books. The why, the why you, the how, and the how many.

Based on how far along you are and how confident you feel, I have three services when it comes to writing book proposals.

Just getting started: I’ll send you a detailed email form to help you get organized with the information and content that you will need to prepare a professional book proposal.

delivery time: upon purchase

In 3 steps, we’ll work together with specific format to draft, write, and edit a professional book proposal that will illuminate your book and you as the author, ready to share with the world.

delivery time: 1-2 months

Have a book proposal but?? You need an editor. I’m happy to work with what you’ve started and together we’ll shape it into a professional book proposal ready to sell your book.

delivery time: 3 weeks

"My aim is to put down on paper what I see and what I feel in the best and simplest way."

-Ernest Hemingway