Your energy is everything.


We are filled up and surrounded by an entirely renewable, inexhaustible, ever-changing resource. 


Get to know yourself on an energetic level and you will get in sync with your life. Ahem, the life you want to be living, that is...  It's time to discover how energy can guide us, how it can show us how and when to interact and engage with the world and the people around us. Because when you work with your own energy, you will see how it fluctuates, how it ebbs and flows, stagnates, gets stuck, circulates, or breaks free - how its movement is our constant. It it is not about achieving a perfect balance, but about getting comfortable with the contrasts and challenges, deeply enjoying your everyday life, and appreciating the periods of quiet and calm as much as the intensities and big successes.

When you are in tune with your own energy, you feel in balance with your life and aligned with your days. When you are in tune with your own energy, you can live the life you want. You will make decisions with more ease. You will connect deeper. You will live more fully. You will be able to choose your path.

Why the chakras?


Because applying the chakras to your life works. I do chakras differently. I do not believe that you must clear channels, or only work from root to crown, or even limit them to an energetic space. The energy of chakras are everywhere - out in nature, on our to-do list, in our home, throughout our bodies, and within our actions, communications, and thoughts. I see the charkas as a beautiful, personalized feedback loop to support how you want to live your life. What I do works. I know that's a bold claim. I'm bold. And I didn't start out that way. No, not at all. I started adulthood with a cracked heart, demolished self-esteem, and an absent faith. But you can read more on that here. This is about you, and what you're here for. 

I want you to know that the life you want to live is there for you. Where blocks become breakthroughs. Where problems become surmountable challenges. Where fears become exciting opportunities. Sometimes it just takes little guidance, a little elbow grease, and a shift in energy.

Discover your energy flow.

Book a Chakra Reflection.

In this 90-minute session, I will ask you questions that touch upon different aspects of your life. Some may be obvious to you, others not so much. But the answers will illuminate a map of your energy flow. There will be shadow and there will be light. In the week following our call, I will take some time to put together a very detailed and personalized Chakra Reflection for you, which will give you insight into your strengths and weakness, your wants and needs, and what you can do or change to live a life you love.

Chakra Reflection



This 7-page reflection will illuminate the following:

~ what you desire and what you value

~ how you expend and how you block your energy

~ the life you want to live

~ the changes you can make

And will also provide you a path forward with:

~ an affirmation to say every day, because you can change what you believe to shift how you choose

~ an action to take in your everyday life, because you can change what you do to get what you want

~ a tarot card reading from the Wild Unknown deck, because spiritual insight never hurts


Session + Reflection: $200

You might first think, “ooooh, we want to get to a life map of all light, right?” No, not exactly. In our very real world, we must acknowledge and appreciate the shifting, changing shadows. Because in real life there is always contrast. Just look to nature, and you will see there can't be the day without the night. There is lightness and shadow, strengths and weaknesses in all of it. It’s a matter of how we choose to acknowledge what we have that opens the door to choosing how we want to live. 

What happens next?

Most people find that a Chakra Reflection, with the accompanying personalized affirmation, solid action step to initiate change, and spiritual insight, is very helpful in making the desired positive shift or figuring out what is stuck. Sometimes this new perspective - getting to know your own energy -  is all you need to make the move, land the job, find the partner, get it shape, start a family, or move forward toward your dreams. Some people like to get a their reflection every six months or so to check in. I'll leave that up to you. I'm simply happy to offer this unique service, a cocktail of chakras and logic, to anyone at anytime. 

Have some questions? Still not sure what this is all about? Feel free to send me an email