All traumas are individual. Every yoga practice is personal.


All traumas are individual. Every yoga practice is personal. In this illustrated guidebook you will find 20 yoga poses designed specifically to enhance the lives of those who live with brain injury, PTSD, and other forms of trauma. Undergoing any type of trauma, big or small, weakens the connection between mind and body. Individuals oftentimes experience a sense of displacement, loss of awareness, lack of purpose—along with various other intellectual deficits. Additionally, this is an excellent book for anyone looking to begin a routine yoga practice, which can help strengthen or regain a sense of identity, purpose and awareness, and, perhaps, encourage acceptance. 

Move Feel Think is a novel and unique approach to healing, as it introduces the trifecta of benefits of a yoga practice: the physical benefits (Move), the emotional benefits (Feel), and the cognitive benefits (Think). Accompanying each pose is a breakdown of the physical, emotional, and cognitive benefits—along with tips and suggestions to help deepen anyone’s practice throughout. This guidebook can serve as a long-term complement to any treatment plan or lifestyle and can be practiced as little as or as often as desired.


You can purchase Move Feel Think: Yoga for Brain Injury, PTSD, and Other Forms of Trauma on Amazon in both print and e-book version. Or you can buy a print copy directly from me (you will get a signed copy if you do!).

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What readers of Move Feel Think are saying...

"I've never connected with a book so much in my life. After suffering from 3 concussions almost 5 months ago, I haven't picked up a book. Someone suggested this, and it was SO easy to read. I've shared this book with many friends with PTSD, TBIs, and even general depression/anxiety."

"Move Feel Think takes the big world of yoga and makes it accessible to all. Whether you suffer from a brain injury or other forms of trauma, you are new to the practice, or you want to return to the fundamentals of the postures and yoga philosophy-- this book is for you."

"This book contains a lot of love. Not only is it physically beautiful, it breaks down the philosophy of yoga. I'm not a yoga instructor, but I'm in the fitness industry and this book has helped me to see beyond just a practice and philosophy. To me this book is a teacher of moving through not just a physical, mental, or emotional injury, but the ups and downs we will experience throughout life."

"Super helpful book following a concussion."

"I really like the simple layout and it's the perfect amount of information to encourage you to do yoga without too much information to overload the brain. I'm really glad i found this book and the poses are basic enough for me to start out again as well as would be perfect for someone who is limited in mobility or not very strong.