Do You Have a Book in You?

4 week online course

The thought of writing a book is exciting and filled with possibility. You could write a book! That book that’s been burning inside of you… you could help or inform or inspire others with your words. Yessss…Wow… Um, where do you even start? Who will read it? Are you a writer? Before long, those are the kind of questions that begin to rain all over your book parade. 

Here’s your umbrella.

Do You Have a Book in You is a 4-week online course designed to help you tune in, connect to your desire, and work through your blocks—to begin to write your book. This course is one part instructional (the book editor in me) and one part holistic (the yoga teacher in me). In four weeks, I will share with you the structure, methods, and mentalities that I have used with best-selling authors, like Lori Harder and Peta Kelly, to bring their books from ideas and conversations to the messages, stories, and lessons that are now in the hands of their readers.

In one month, we will move from “thinking” about your book to “writing” your book.

course structure

Each week, I will introduce you to an important element of writing a book.

The 4 course modules each include an introductory video, specific exercises to move your book forward, and proven mindfulness and meditation techniques for writers. And I will be right by your side through this transformative process, because each morning you will receive an email from me. You can read it as soon as you open your eyes, to get your day started and settled into your new writer reality. That is 28 specially curated inspirations to support you in this unique process. 

week 1: your story

Tune in to yourself to free your stories. Stories are the foundation of all genres of books. Once you are able to release your stories in any form onto a page, you will discover that within what you write is the backbone of your book. In Week 1 we unpack what is holding you back from sharing your story.  

week 2: your message

Discover that you are a unique individual with your own story to tell, your own lesson to impart. There is absolutely no one on Earth like you who can share your message your way. In Week 2 we dissolve fears, so you can see why you are the only person who can deliver your message. 

week 3: your reader

Imagine who is going to hold your book in their hands. Rather than attempt to reach anyone and everyone, ask yourself who you want to see reading your book. One someone is where we begin. In Week 3 we envision your reader and how your book will reach them.

week 4: your book

Time to organize your content, your stories, your lessons, your narrative. It does not matter what genre of book you will write; all books need the proper structure to move forward toward a complete manuscript. In Week 4 we create your outline—the roadmap for the words you are now ready to put on paper. 

Let this course take away your anxiety about writing.

No more sitting in front a blank page fighting to come up with what to write. No more filling your head with doubts and worries and what ifs. No more stalling, over-thinking, or putting it off. This course will give you a proven structure and a set of tools to exercise optimal creativity, overcome obstacles, and become an author.

course investment

Your Story module + exercises: $150
Your Message module + exercises: $150
Your Reader module + exercises: $150
Your Book module + exercises: $150
Bonus emails, meditations, resources + support $100

Total course value: $700

your price: $500