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Commonplace Chat - $75

 Commonplace lavender latte 

Commonplace lavender latte 

I have a favorite coffee shop, Commonplace Coffee, in the the Mexican War Streets. It happens to be where a lot of my big decisions are made, my business plans are hatched, my projects come alive, and my dreams come true - with productive chats over good coffee. I'd love to offer that opportunity for you.

Not a coaching call, not a casual get-together, but a coffee meeting at Commonplace (or your favorite place) where you and I take an hour to talk about what you want out of life. We can strategize your career plan or big launch. You can pick my brain on things small business, yoga, coaching, or book writing. Or we can talk about you getting in shape, finding your favorite person, or quitting the crap that holds you back. Really, this chat can be about anything you think I can help you make happen. 

All you need to do is email me and we can set up a coffee date. Or you can book a coffee meeting with me here.