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some words from people I've worked with:

Lindsey Boyko

Purposeful thoughts, small practices, incremental habit change all lead to shift in perspective

Working with Janna was a pleasure. Conversations were lovely, like talking to a close friend. Janna made it easy to trust her right away and feel comfortable fully answering questions she posed throughout our sessions. Having perspective from someone outside of my daily life to act as a neutral facilitator is very helpful for me to put things in perspective and eliminate noise from the outside world in order to best determine what I truly think and feel about various aspects of my life. I genuinely looked forward to our calls each time b/c I knew that I would either connect dots that I hadn't connected before or walk away with something actionable that would keep me moving toward whatever I was seeking. And for as much as I enjoyed our conversations, I equally looked forward to receiving the email recap. I just read the one from our most recent session before writing this, it also happens to be my most favorite of all the balance sheets so far. Beautifully written to summarize the journey of our session. I've put into practice many of the suggestions that Janna had on those balance sheets, some I'm still working on. For me it's the subtle shifts. The daily moments that I can create that make space for all the other 'big' things that I need to tackle or go after. Setting practices and a foundation for the way I want to feel every day of my life is what's important to me right now and Janna helped me to shape those habits and practices that impact my perspective and attitude each day.

One big thing I'm working on is feeling guilt around how I decide to commit my time and energy. By answering three questions each morning around what I'm proud of, what one thing I need to do that day, and what I will do to feel refreshed that day has been one of the easiest and best practices that sets the tone for my day. The day becomes equal parts more manageable and directed, exciting, and more connected to the days before and the days to come after.

oh! and i've gotten better about making time for me. not me and friends, not me and husband...just me. and what i like to do. not consistently or frequently enough, but i'm working on it! ;)

I had a good experience in these few sessions and am happy to answer any other questions that you might have!


Like having the wisest BFF

My session with Janna had a huge impact on my thinking. She asked pointed questions and made insightful connections, then talked me toward seeing those connections myself. She's empathetic and understanding but doesn't BS, and she's effortless to talk to. After our session, I felt more mindful, energized and prepared to make big and small changes toward my goals.

Emily Balawejder

Self-study at its finest

I'll be honest: I thought that introspection was my strong suite. I'm constantly diving deep, getting at the things that make me uncomfortable. "Why a coach?" I was surprised to find myself thinking about the answers that I voiced during our talk; while the answers weren't really news to me something changed when I voiced them. Somehow the things that we talked about seemed a lot less like my internal dialogue and a lot more like my life's work. Life can get messy. Worlds can be overwhelming. But I'm thankful on many levels for spending some time placing some strength behind the things that define a meaningful, rooted and full life for me. I'm thankful for the time spend with Janna. I know this can be a launchpad for what is to be embraced.

Megan Sicheri


Janna has the gift of words. Along with that, the wisdom to help untangle some of the hangups that we all experience. Coaching from her feels like a great cup of coffee from a great friend.

Tiffany Kim

Honest, Insightful, Warm

My call with Janna helped me to think critically about where I am, what I want, and how I'm feeling. She asked great questions that had me remember the experiences that I learned from and explore where I want to be. Janna's style is unpretentious and real and she makes it easy to open up.

Ruth Cornelles

Revealing, exciting and eye & heart opening

Talked and touched so many situations, cords, beliefs and feelings that I felt very inspired and energized. You have a gift, well in fact many gifts, I could feel your support, the connection and that you cared. I was moved by your wise and talented questions, comments and advices.

Eva Lin

Janna is wonderful

Janna is so great at just listening and helping you tune in to your deeper self. I didn't come into our calls with any "big" issues to solve, but when we chatted I realized there were lots of smaller things in my life that I wasn't 100% good with. We delved into what was holding me back, and blocks I might have had, why's behind certain things, and she helped me see things from a different perspective and new light. She helped me create actionable things to pursue so that I could work toward feeling complete in all those little areas in my life, because really, the little things make up the big things. I would definitely recommend Janna for anyone - whether you're trying to take the next big leap in your career or you just want to keep learning more about yourself and keep striving toward your best life!

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