"My aim is to put down on paper what I see and what I feel in the best and simplest way."

-Ernest Hemingway

The writer's coach

Let me help you share your words.

Books, blogs, manifestos, and memoirs... all the many things we are itching to write can be looked at like relationships. First we've got to get to know them. Next is creating the unique cocktail of organic evolution mixed with the practice of self-discipline. We all work with our words differently, and we're here to get to know how you do. I might be here to be your editor, or I might be here to help coach you through the writing process and hold you accountable to finishing the project. Either way, together we can bring your message to life with the help of guidelines, timeframes, writing tools, and creative exercises.

Looking for an editor? Scroll on down past the Coaching Packages to Editing Services. 


Coaching Options


single session

$150 | per session

Where to begin? Is writing a book for you--or even possible? 

In this hour-long coaching session we will talk a bit about the message or story you are eager to share with the world. There is a story in all of us, and it's just a matter of exploring how you are going to share it with your readers. You may know exactly what you want to say, but have no idea how to begin. Or maybe you know how to begin, but are having a tricky time determining what to say. Let's begin to untangle what's blocking you and get these words out.

6 month package

$500 | per month

12 month package

$240 per month

Do you have a book that is just burning inside of you. Like, you think about it all the time, but you can't seem to get a move on bringing it to life? Have a full MS and want to get it out there? 

Choose between on of the two writing coaching packages (←), and we will bring your words onto the page and into the world. You you might end up with a complete manuscript or a published book sooner than you could imagine. But guaranteed, with one of these packages, you will have a plan. You will understand your writing habits, your process, your style, and even your writing blocks. And if you believe in your book, we will make it come true. We can build a book together - from your first sentence to your book proposal. There's no limit. 

Includes: 12 90-minute 1:1 writing coaching sessions; additional content and structural editing; writing resources as needed, and unlimited email access throughout the duration of the coaching program. Payment accepted through Venmo or all major CCs.

Share your story

Before we begin, I'd love to know a little bit more about your book or writing project.

Please fill out the "Share Your Story" questionnaire below. It's possible that you will not have all the answers, but it will give us a good place to start. And it's safe to say that these answers might change along the way!

Book Editing Services

Your sitting there with your rough draft, and now it's time to take the next step. Time to find an editor. Even the greatest writers need a editor. It's a chance to step away from your work, invite a dedicated reader to your words, and have someone who will never get sick of talking about your book. Even so, some writers en route to becoming authors will skip this crucial step or ship it out to an editing service. I say don't do either of those two things. Find a human who cares as much about your book, your project, or your blog reaching its audience as much as you do. I would be happy to be that human. Since writing my first two books (yes, absolutely, I had editors!) I have worked with several authors as an editor on their books and now I am excited to share my services. 

 Structural Editing 

Think of structural (or developmental) editing as the "macro" version of editing, where the focus is on the structure and content of your work. This is working with the big picture elements of your narrative, the over-all structure of your work, your style, voice, flow, and theme. I will ensure that the message you want to voice is the message that is coming through, that the story you want to tell is the story that the reader is reading. It is here where we will make cuts (ahh!... I know, I know...) changes, and all the improvements. 

Line Editing 

Think of line editing as the "micro" version of editing, where the focus is on the flow and structure of paragraphs and sentences. Yes, this is working with proper grammar, and also exploring correct word usage, paragraph transitioning, and over-all refinements. This is the editing step you take after structural editing. It is here where we will polish your book for print - however you would like to publish your work. 


This is pretty much like the final read through. I will be your reader, who aims to catch anything that's been missed by you or others. This could be grammar, funky spacing, a doubled word, or formatting issues. 

If you are interested in Editing Services, please send me an email by clicking below. From there we can discuss your project, my editing rates, and compatible availability. 

The proof is in the publishing.  

Feel free to check out a few of the titles I have recently worked on with writers who became published authors!  


A Tribe Called Bliss

May 2018

Packed up and ready head back to Pittsburgh with my galley copy!


Earth Is Hiring 

January 2018

One of the first ordered from Amazon.com, where they POD (print on demand) and save the planet.