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Let me help you share your words.

Books—memoirs, novels, anthologies, non-fiction narratives, YA, self help, business guides, fictional tales, and all those many pages we are yearning to write—are much like relationships. First, we get to know your book and get familiar with the what, the why you, the when, and the for whom. Next, we create a healthy writing process, which is often a cocktail of organic evolution mixed with the practice of self-discipline. And then, we commit to the journey of you writing your book and you sharing your message with the world.

We all work with words differently. And let’s be honest. Writing a book is not something that I would call easy. However, it is most certainly rewarding, admirable, exciting, enjoyable, and very doable. I am here to help you craft your writing process and hold you accountable to finishing your book - especially when the going gets tough. With the help of guidelines, timeframes, resources, writing tools, creative exercises, and conversation, I am here to support you bringing that book of yours into being.

The best part is, you’ve got options.

  • You can… go all in by getting started on your first draft with: my 6-month Book Writing program
    Program begins September 2, 2019.

  • You can… take it page by page, at your pace, with my Hourly Editing Services
    Start at anytime, based on availability.

  • You can… invest in my 4-week online course to get you to writing with: Do You Have A Book In You
    Evergreen course, begin any day, any week.


6-month Book Writing Program to write your first draft

In six months, you can write your first draft. And with my support and the support of other writers—of all genres—you will receive encouragement, resources, and accountability to move your book forward and your words into the world. Over the six months, you will experience: 3 1:1 discussion sessions with me | 6 Group Discussions | developmental/content editing for 2-4 chapters each month | private Facebook Group | email access

Month 1 is to get organized, get to know your book, create a plan, and begin writing.
Whether you have a full length manuscript or a few sentences strung together, we will define your book’s subject or core message, get clear on the structure or narrative, and choose major and minor themes to be represented throughout. We will also create a “working outline,” which means this outline will shape and shift along the way. Month 1, and we’re just getting started (includes one 1:1 session)

Months 2-5-are designed to move your book forward, help you stay the course, and work through those blocks to progress and process. During the majority of our sessions, we will systematically work together month by month. Each month you will be asked to deliver our agreed content (number of chapters or pages). We may also discuss anything from the writing process to the importance of building a social media platform to how to improve your craft and technique. And when those “stuck” and “why the heck am I doing this?” feelings surface, we’ll work through those, too. Together. (includes one 1:1 session in month 3)

Month 6 is the final wrap up and to celebrate how far everyone has come. At the end of our six months, we might be determining the pages left to write or making a plan for the next draft. You might have a complete manuscript and you might not. This process of becoming an author is different for everyone and there is no pace that is wrong or right, good or bad. Time, commitment, inspiration, and devotion all play big roles.

the program guarantee:

After 6 months you will:

  • have a plan for your book

  • understand your writing habits and process

  • feel comfortable with your tone and style

  • know how to navigate your writer’s blocks

  • have a group of supportive humans doing the same thing—writing a book!

And if you believe in your book, together we will make it come true. 

program investment includes:

  • 3 30-minute 1:1 minute sessions

  • 6 60-minute Group Discussions

  • structural, developmental & content editing services (see below) for up to 4 chapters each month

  • support to work through the ups and downs of the process of writing a book

  • email access (with 72-hour response)

  • writing and publishing resources (as needed)

Scroll down to FAQs if you have questions.

So let’s talk price.

  • $100 | deposit

  • $550 | monthly

  • $3,000 | upfront

All payments made through Square. Option to transfer money through Venmo or pay by check available upon request.

let’s take this page by page

Hourly Editing Services
Developmental editing services to write or work through your lst draft or to refine the content and style of your 2nd draft.

Even the greatest authors depend on editors. Hiring an editor gives you a chance to step away from your work, invite a dedicated reader to your words, receive an objective and experience-based opinion, and have someone around who will never get sick of talking about your book. Even so, some writers en route to becoming authors will want to skip this crucial step or ship their manuscript off to an editing service. I say don't do either. Instead, find a human who cares as much about your book, your project, or your blog staying authentic and reaching its audience as you do. Then, ask them to join you on the ride.

I would be happy to be that human. I have talents and experience as a developmental editor (working with the big picture, bringing the book from an idea to a narrative or message) and as a structural editor (working with the content, language, dialogue, flow, style, tone, and voice). Often times, the authors I work with receive a mixture of both, based on the needs of their project. These are details that we can discuss before working together.

In full transparency, I must say that I am not here to be the final polish on your grammar or to triple-check your spelling. Though I do have opinions on grammar (em-dash and oxford comma for life) and knowledge of the rules (The Elements of Style: Strunk & White is my go-to) this final stage of editing is for an experienced copyeditor or proofreader. I know a handful of excellent copyeditors that I can recommend. Let me know if you’re in search of one.

And just in case you were wondering, I have had editors for both of my books, brilliant women who have helped me shape my message, enhance my story, point out what I would have otherwise missed, and (gah!) kill kill my darlings.

If you are interested in Hourly Editing Services, please send me an email by clicking below.
From there we can discuss your project, my rates, and our compatibility and availability. 

The proof is in the publishing.  

Feel free to check out a few of the titles I have recently worked on with writers who became published authors.  


A Tribe Called Bliss

May 2018

Packed up and ready head back to Pittsburgh with my galley copy!


Earth Is Hiring

January 2018

One of the first ordered from, where they POD (print on demand) and save the planet.

"My aim is to put down on paper what I see and what I feel in the best and simplest way."

-Ernest Hemingway



Can I take a month off?
 No. Yikes, harsh! Right? But the truth is, when you take a month off, it is next to impossible to begin again. That being said, we are human beings, so there will be the occasional need to reschedule due to unforeseen events in life. 

How much will it cost to write and publish my book? I cannot tell you how much it will cost you to write and publish your book, but I do not know any authors who did not heartily invest in editing services. Additionally, if you choose to self-publish, you may also pay for design, proofs, marketing, and distribution.   

How long does it take to write a book? I have worked with authors who have taken one year to four years. This all depends on your writing style, your time commitment, and your ability to push through your blocks when the going gets tough. I wrote the first draft of my first book in seven months. My writing style is intense, somewhat sleepless, and determined. I gave myself a year to go big or go home. I did headstands or switched chapters when I got stuck—and lived off black coffee.  

Do I need a social media following? Yes, indubitably. Literary agents (the folks responsible for shopping your book around to publishers) nowadays require a Facebook or Instagram following - to show you have an audience. And to even be considered for the New York Times Best-seller list, you must have a very robust email subscriber list. And for those of you considering self-publishing, the social media audience you build is made of the people who are going to buy your book. Create Space on Amazon is my favorite program for self-publishing, by the way.

If I self publish, who will buy my book? Your social media following, which is the reason that (whether you go the traditional route (a publishing house) or the self-publishing route) you will need to have many people very excited to buy and read your book when it comes out. 

Have you written a book? Yes, I have written two. He Never Liked Cake is my first book, and Move Feel Think is my second. 

Do you have any other writing coaching options available? Outside of a single session or editing services, I do not. After much trial and error, I have found that the most effective, connected, and inspired way to work one-on-one with an author is to commit to two sessions each month and the delivery of two to eight chapters each month. However, if you absolutely cannot make two sessions a month work, there is still potential to figure out a plan that works for us both + your book if it feels right.

Do you work on book proposals? Yes, that is a separate service that we can discuss. 

Do you edit other material, other than books? Yes, I have an hourly rate for blogs, articles, and anything with words on a page.

Will you be honest about the quality of my writing and the subject of my book? Yes, always. I have turned down offers to work with writers, because I do not understand their message or I do not feel they have a strong enough reason or enough enthusiasm to create a quality manuscript. I also know how terrifying it is to believe yourself an author, let alone get to the place where you share your work. The first drafts are rarely reader worthy and there are reasons for that, reasons that we will work through together. 

Are you going to write another book? Yes, eventually. I have some ideas percolating, but I can’t seem to settle on one that is worth carving out the time to write it. But the folders on my laptop might say differently.

Can you guarantee that I will be on a best-seller list? No, I cannot guarantee that. We can talk about what it takes and why that it’s important to you. But I truly believe that if your message is strong, your story is good, and you do the hard work, then you have all the potential in the world to reach a wide audience, earn money from book sales, and feel really good about what you’ve created. That might land you on a list and it might not. What matters most is why do you want to land there.